Rain gear for kids is a necessary item that you need to buy for your child if they are going to be outside during the rain. You want them to stay dry and not get sick, so it's important that you find rain gear for kids that will keep them dry and protect them against cold weather, wind, and other harsh conditions.

There are many different types of rain jackets, rain pants, raincoats, and other items designed specifically for children. It can be difficult to figure out which one is best suited for your child - this article should help!

In this Magic Bus article you will learn about:

  • Do kids need rain gear?
  • What are the benefits of rain gear for kids?
  • What are the different kinds of rain gear?

Do Kids Need Rain Gear?

Yes, when playing outside in the rain or cold it's important that your kid is wearing rain gear. It's also important for kids to wear rain jackets when playing in the snow or cold weather because it will keep them warm and dry!

There is no way your child should be exposed to getting wet when it's raining heavily without them having some kind of protection in order to stay completely dry throughout inclement weather conditions. They need something waterproof so they don't get soaked through and come down with a cold because all their clothes were drenched due to not wearing any protective clothing whatsoever during rain.

There are rain coveralls that you can get for your child without having to spend a lot of money on them, so don't worry about being unable to afford rain gear items such as these ones listed here because they are all affordable! 

What Are The Benefits of Kid Rain Gear?

Besides not getting wet there are other benefits about rain gear:

Protective Against Rain and Cold

Kids' rain suits make sure your kid's clothes are staying dry, which is important if they are going to be outside for an extended period of time.

Less Likely To Contract Illnesses

If rain gear keeps kids from getting wet and catching colds then rain gear will decrease the chance that your child gets sick in general! This makes rainwear very beneficial when you think about it because when children don't get sick they are happier and more cheerful.

Kids Will Enjoy Themselves

If rain gear keeps kids dry then your child will enjoy themselves outside much more! This makes rainwear a very good investment financially as well as medically because it means that you won't have to stay inside all the time with them.

Fewer Stains

Kids are known for making clothes dirty. If it rains even dirtier. Rain gear protects the clothes from rain and dirt, which is very useful because you won't have to wash clothes as often.

Fewer Holes in Clothes

Kids tend to trip and fall more often. Better protection means fewer holes and tears in clothes, which makes rainwear very beneficial for children who are hard on clothes.

Easy To Store

The raincoats and rain jackets don't take up a lot of room in the backpack you're carrying them around in either, so if you're going to be out all day rain gear will not take up a lot of room in your bag either.

Reflective Detailing

Great rain boots, a rain jacket, or a rain suit can also come with other features such as being reflective so that drivers see them when they are walking down the side of the road or sidewalk, which is definitely something you want for kids!

What Are The Different Kinds of Rain Gear?

There are different types of rain gear for kids that are available on the market today to keep your children dry during rainy weather! You will find rain jackets, rain pants, kids' rain suits, rain boots, and more.

Rain Jackets

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Rain Pants (Rain Trousers)

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Children's Rain Coveralls (Onesies/Jumpers)

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Rain Boots

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Rain Hats

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How To Choose The Perfect Rain Gear for Your Kid?

Here are some things to think about while selecting a rain suit for your child.


Usually, a rain suit is made of waterproof and breathable fabrics, such as polyester, nylon, and sometimes durable rubber. Even though nylon is a water-resistant material however polyester is better than it. It is recommended to observe the weather conditions of your area before choosing the fabric of a rain suit.

One-Piece vs. Two-Piece Rain Suits

Though a one-piece rain suit is likely to keep your child's body dry, it can be an issue in case of comfort, size, and length. Two-piece suits provide better flexibility in fitting along with being more comfortable. You can also buy a jacket over pants combination for the same purpose.

Lined vs. Unlined

A lined rain jacket provides an extra layer of warmth as compared to an unlined one. Therefore, during the rainy season in colder months, a lined jacket is preferred. Meanwhile, for the summer season, an unlined rain jacket will be fine.

Breathable Mesh Lining

This type of lining helps in keeping the inner layer free from humidity, dirt, and bacteria. It also allows easy flow of air within your child's suit. A vest-style rain suit may not provide as much protection as a full-coverage jacket. However, they are lighter and more flexible, which makes them suitable for warmer climates.

Taped Seams

Rain jackets are usually made up of taped seams for maximum resistance against water. A rainproof jacket will have taped seam that is made with waterproof tape. So They will be perfect for keeping the wetness out of your child's jacket.


Most people prefer to have an insulated rain suit. However, it won't be needed if your child is just going out for a couple of hours. The best way to judge the necessity of the insulation is by the temperature outside. A warm yet thin inner layer will do better than a thick and heavy one.


Some rain pants are equipped with stirrups which allow you to attach the bottom of the pants securely onto your child's shoes. Stirrups reduce the chances of getting wet feet. If you want your kids to wear rain boots then stirrups are a must to keep kids' feet warm.

Reinforced Parts

Zippers, seams, and hoods are the most vulnerable parts of a rain suit. The best rain gear is reinforced with extra layers of fabric. This adds up to their durability and makes them more robust against water.


Most rain suit jackets and pants have inner flaps, while some also have Velcro to prevent water from entering. In addition, you can have your child's zipper replaced with a plastic one. This is to avoid the cold air from getting in when they sleep in a jacket that has been exposed to the wind.

Adjustable Hood

It is better to choose a rain suit with an adjustable attached hood. It should also provide you the opportunity to tighten or loosen it according to your kid's requirements. A rain suit is not complete without an attached hood. The adjustable hood of your child's jacket will help in keeping the head warm and dry. If there is no hood in your raincoat then you can also get rain mittens for your kids. 

Machine Washable

You want to your child's rain suit to be machine-washable, it's for kids at the end. This makes it easy to clean. However, most Kid's rain suits are not machine-washable. So when they get dirty, you will have to take them to a professional dry cleaner. To prolong the life of your child's rain suit, you must make sure to read the care instructions for cleaning. Not following them can damage the fabric and weaken the seams.

Hopefully, this guide will help you in grabbing the best rain gear for your kids. You may also look for the best rain boots because most of the time people buy winter boots or other boots which aren't waterproof.


The best rain gear for kids will protect your child from the elements. When selecting a rain suit, make sure to consider what material it is made out of, whether or not it has hoods, and if you want reflective detailing on the outfit. There are many different types of children's rain-wear available - find one that suits your needs!

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