Camping is the ideal escape from busy schedules. Being a camper myself, I know it can be difficult to pack and sort all your equipment in an RV. Meaning you have to choose your gear wisely. One of the most crucial items at a campsite is a camping chair. Choosing a folding chair will be a wise choice. It's important to review the best heavy-duty chair which can bear 300-400 lbs of load easily. Luckily there are many folding chairs available in the market for heavy-duty use.

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What Is A Heavy Duty Camping Chair?

Heavy-duty camping chairs are not too different from other types of camping chairs. The major difference is in its capacity and endurance. It can hold more weight and therefore a camp chair like this is built for bigger people.

A heavy-duty chair has two major parts; the frame and the seat. Generally, the framework is made of ABS plastic, aluminum, or strong alloy. The seat is mostly made of nylon because nylon is a very durable and strong material. Above all, it's practically water-resistant. 

Why Do You Need A Camping Chair?

Camping sites don't have 5-star hotels. Thus, a good camping chair might help you enjoy the landscape while sitting next to the campfire. If you're shopping for a heavy-duty camping chair, it's worth it to buy one that is very durable, can hold a good amount of weight, and has a lot of extra features.

Find a chair that includes pockets or at least cup holders, is easily adjustable, and has a mesh back. Consider the weight capacity, the fact that it's waterproof, and how easily it can be folded up.

How To Choose The Best Heavy Duty Camping Chair for Your Needs?

Almost all outdoor activities during camping like hiking, fishing, hunting, and sightseeing require you to be physically active for hours on end. Carrying your bulky chair around will be difficult and cumbersome.

Therefore, buying a good camping chair is a far better option than sitting on the ground or somewhere uncomfortable. It is not hard for average-sized people to sit on any chair, but for larger people that carry more weight, it can be challenging.

Below you can find a list of items that can help you to select your camp chair.

1. Load Capacity

Before you set a benchmark, you must realize it isn't your dining room chair. The majority of camping chairs are foldable and are made up of light material, so designing them to withstand heavy loads is difficult. At most, they can bear 400 to 500 pounds.

2. Comfort

A best heavy-duty camping chair should also have thicker padding at the backrest to provide better lumbar support and reduce muscle fatigue over time. Seats that are padded provide comfortable leg support, which makes it easier to stay in place for long periods of time.

3. Size and Weight

If you are looking for a portable camping chair, then you should consider size and weight. The best camping chair should be lightweight to carry around, but it should also have enough space to sit on comfortably. The weight should depend on how long you plan on using it.

It is essential that a heavy-duty chair can support the weight of big guys so that it does not break during your trip or collapse under pressure. If you would like a specific range, it should be between 6 pounds and 12 pounds.

What Are The Different Kinds of Heavy Duty Camping Chairs?

Not all chairs are created equally. So it is important to understand the different needs and issues. Below you can find curated list of chairs up to the task. Please read on to understand the different qualities, materials, and little extras.

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What Is The Difference Between A Hammock and A Camp Chair?

Camp chairs are made for comfort and stability. They have armrests, a backrest, and a seat that can be adjusted for variations in height. Camp chairs are made to provide a more stable experience for those who need them. Hammocks are designed to conform to your body’s shape. They offer little back or arm support but will cradle you as you shift positions throughout the day.

In general, camp chairs provide more stability than hammocks do, which makes them better suited for those who need them. If you don't need as much stability as these camp chairs offer, then the hammock is an excellent alternative!

Is A Camping Chair A Must-Have for Campers?

If you camp in a location where your vehicle is not available, a chair may be the only seating option for you.

In addition, it can provide convenience in some unique situations. For example when you need to take a break from hiking or when the kids are playing and mom and dad are sunbathing.

If you're camping with somebody else, it could also be used as an impromptu seat for somebody who just wants to relax for a minute.

Is A Folding Option A Must in Heavy Duty Camping Chairs?

The folding option is necessary for heavy-duty camping chairs. It should be able to fold up for easy transportation and storage. If your king kong chair is not foldable then it can be a big hurdle to mobilize it. It will be easier to put it in the trunk or backseat of the car if it's foldable. Also, it will be easier to use in smaller spaces like your backyard or balcony.

If you're camping, you need a chair that can handle the elements and stand up to the wear and tear of the outdoors. So while some people think that a folding option is not necessary, it's one feature that almost all heavy-duty camping chairs come equipped with.

How To Fold A Camping Chair?

Fold the seat down and place the legs together. Make sure that there is enough space for you to grab the two ends of the chair and pull them together with one hand. Take your other hand and grab one of the ends that are not being held by your first hand. Twist this end 180 degrees so that it overlaps with the other end. Now, grab both ends of the chair at once and twist them further until they interlock with each other in order to create a tight knot. To finish off, just give it a tug to tighten up any loose folds or strings that might be hanging out.


Finding the perfect camping chair can be a tedious and difficult task. With so many options, it is hard to choose the right chair for your needs. The best camping chairs need to be durable, comfortable, and lightweight. It's important to have the gear you can rely on when you're out in the wilderness.

I've included a variety of options in my list of reviews for the best heavy-duty camping chairs that will keep you comfortable and lightweight for outdoor backpacking use. So grab the one which suits you the most and let me know about your experience in the comment section.

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