Folding camper tables are a great addition to your VAN and camping in general. They can be used as a dining table, an extra workspace, and for camping gear storage - the best part is that they're portable! In this article, we will cover what folding tables are and how they work. We'll also go over some of the benefits you'll get from adding one to your vehicle, such as having more workspace available or being able to set up camp anywhere without the worry of finding a flat surface.

In this Magic Bus article you will learn about:

  • What is the versatility of a folding camping table?
  • What are the benefits of a folding camping table?
  • What are the different types of folding camping tables?
  • What to consider before buying folding camping tables?

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What are Camper Tables?

Camping is a great way to spend time with family and friends. It's also a fantastic way to enjoy the outdoors, or even just get away from it all for a while. When you go camping, you might find yourself sitting around a fire at night enjoying some s'mores and chatting about life in general. But what do you do when there's no table available? Without an outdoor folding table, you're relegated to sitting on the ground or trying your luck with balancing something on your lap. Fortunately, folding camper tables can provide an easy solution to this problem!

They provide that little bit of comfort and that extra space when cooking or eating. They are also useful for placing your cooking utensils, plates, cups or other items on when you have finished eating that will stay clean and dry instead of being placed on the wet ground where they can get dirty.

Even if you don't eat at them very often, folding tables are a great place to keep your camping gear organized and accessible.

A folding camper table is like having an entire extra workspace in the back of your van with you at all times, ready for use when needed. It provides that much-needed area where you can stack up important items or leave them out while still keeping them clean.

The Versatility of Camping Tables

Foldable camping tables are versatile because they can be used either for cooking or dining purposes when you go out on your outdoor adventures. An ideal combination.

On a folding camping table you will sit easily to enjoy meals with everyone. No worrying about balancing anything in your lap anymore (think fried eggs, at least one coffee mug, and other food). We all know how sticky our fingers get when we try and hold up cups over a fire or eat from our lap - that's not going to happen with a camp table! You'll also find that campers sometimes use the tables as storage and organization centers. They're perfect for stacking up unused pots and pans in order to save space behind the seat in your car, storing larger items such as tents or inflatable mattresses so they do not take up so much room inside the van.

The Best Folding Camping Table For Your VAN

Foldable camping tables come in many shapes and colors. Maybe you are looking for a square table or a rectangle table, a plastic or aluminum table, a weather-resistant or a sturdy table. Below you can find a list of the best foldable dining, cooking, or accessory tables. 

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What Are The Benefits of A Folding Camper Table?

There are many benefits that come with using folding RV tables while camping or just out road-tripping: whether it's cooking dinner outside over an open fire, setting up camp at any spot we choose, or getting some extra workspace/storage space inside our vans – these handy items really do have so much potential! And don't worry about eating off the dirty ground either because whether you're dining indoors somewhere nice or enjoying a meal outdoors by the river – all surfaces will remain clean and dry.

They provide a flat surface for cooking and eating

They provide a flat surface for cooking and eating

You can use them to store your camping gear out of the way but still keep it accessible.

Extremely portable and useful

A folding camper table is extremely portable and lightweight, making it ideal for travel purposes. It keeps everything off the ground and dry while keeping everything within reach at all times if needed.

They double as a great storage solution.

Keeping everything tidy and organized for you to access when needed without having to dig around in the back of your VAN!

Take not much space

When folded up they take very little space and can be stored away easily and compactly.

Folding camper tables are easy to set up

Setting up and taking down is easy, transport around with you in the back of your car or truck, store away when not needed, and keep clean since they do not get dirty easily. 

What Should I Consider Before Buying Folding Camping Tables?

There are many factors that you should take into consideration before buying a table. First of all, think about the type of camping table you need this for. If it's just for eating out on the porch or in your back yard then a simple folding outdoor picnic table will suffice. If you want to cook your food on it then you might want one with more robust features like adjustable height, sturdy legs, extra room, bigger surface area, utensil hooks, and storage compartments where cooking equipment can be stored safely instead of laying on the ground next to the fire, risking everything getting burnt.

Below you find some of the most important aspects you need to consider before buying your folding table.

They provide a flat surface for cooking and eating

Weight and Dimensions

A camping table comes in different sizes and weights. It's important that you don't buy a camping table that's too heavy or bulky because it will be difficult to carry around and to store.

If you plan on taking your camping table along with you for hiking, biking, and climbing trips then the best option is to buy one of the portable folding camping tables instead of ones crafted with a steel frame or wood which are very heavy compared to other materials like lightweight aluminum.


Storage is an important aspect of a camping table. On one hand, sometimes it's important to have storage space for cooking equipment like pots, pans, and dishes. Some tables feature built-in compartments where you can safely put away things that don't need to be with you all of the time during your trip.

On the other hand, it's also important that your foldable RV table is easy to store away when you are camping but also when you are not camping. Think about where you are going to keep this table when it's not being used and buy a foldable camping table that is easy to transport, has small dimensions, and can be stored away easily.

The Ease of Setting Up

When you are camping or hiking you don't want to spend a long time setting up your camping table. It should be easy to set up and collapse so you can get on with other things. The best folding camping tables are made from lightweight materials, have simple setup systems like no assembly required or just taking two pieces apart by flicking locks into place.


Camping tables are made of different materials. Some of them are better but others will suit more your needs.

Here are some material options to consider for your folding table:

  • Aluminum is sturdy, lightweight, rust-resistant, and doesn't corrode easily. However, it's not as good against weather conditions compared to other materials like wood or plastic which are more durable in windy conditions and bad weather.
  • Steel is another popular material used for camping tables because it can be very strong but also light at the same time compared with wooden tables. They can be susceptible to weather conditions and might corrode over time, however, they also last longer than plastic tables.
  • Plastic or polyethylene is a popular material for camping accessories because it's lightweight and easy to store away without taking too much space in your van or truck when you are traveling with lots of equipment like me. It's not as strong as aluminum but if you want something more budget-friendly this could be the best option for you.
  • Polyester is also lightweight but more robust than plastic. It's weather-resistant and doesn't corrode easily compared to metal or aluminum tables, however, it can be damaged by heat so you need to keep this in mind if you are planning on cooking with your camping table.
  • Wood is popular for outdoor furniture because of its durability against bad weather conditions like rain, wind, and snowfall which could damage other materials quickly. However wood isn't as light as the others mentioned here before. A good option is bamboo as it's more lightweight.
  • Custom: Every table has its own features so before buying one make sure that all the necessities and wants on your list fit what each individual model offers compared with other models from different brands. This way no matter which folding camping accessory table you buy it will suit your needs.


Camping tables are available in different shapes. Each shape has its benefits and downsides.

The most common shapes are:

  • Rectangular tables are the most common shape. They provide a large surface area to work with but they don't have many other features like drawers, cup holders or built-in storage compartments for cooking equipment.
  • The square table is similar to rectangular ones except it has four equal sides instead of being longer on one side than another. This makes them easier to fit in small spaces and take up less space when you are traveling so if your vehicle isn't very big this could be an advantage over the rectangle models which tend to have larger dimensions overall compared with square camping tables.
  • Oval-shaped tables look different from regular shapes because their measurements aren't as wide as long making them more compact and for smaller vehicles too even though they have the same surface area as rectangle or square camping tables.
  • Round tables are a different shape too which can be good for smaller spaces and they offer more support to your body with their curved surfaces, however, this also means that you cannot use them on uneven terrains without problems so keep in mind where you will be using it before buying one. This is not an issue though if most of your trips take place indoors at campsites.

They all have pros and cons depending on how compact they are when folded down compared with the dimensions they have unfolded, what features do they have like cup holders or storage compartments, whether there's enough space around its edges to fit other accessories into it easily but still provide a large work surface and has enough weight capacity.


A camping table needs to be sturdy to withhold during windy days or under constant use. Aluminum tables are the most sturdy ones because they have a high weight limit, however, aluminum can corrode if it isn't properly protected against humidity for example which means that you might need to buy an additional cover of some sort to keep your table stable outdoors.

Plastic tables are lightweight but also less durable than other materials like wood and metal so depending on how often you want to travel with them this could be either really good or not enough at all compared with what you had in mind before buying one.

Wood is considered as being sturdier than plastic especially when exposed outside without any protection from bad weather conditions. However, its main disadvantage is that it can rot if not treated.

What Types of Folding Camping Tables Can You Buy?

There are a few different camping tables out there. Some tables are foldable, while some come with adjustable legs.

The basic models will have simple rope-style pull mechanisms to open them up and lock them in place for use. Then, there are the more advanced ones which you can adjust to different heights depending on your needs (e.g., low ground or high table).

These types of adjustable folding tables are more expensive, but they do offer a lot of conveniences and can be customized to suit your needs.

Folding camp tables come in different kinds depending on their function. These categories can be broadly divided into cooking meals, dining, and accessorizing. Most camping tables are used for most purposes but some tables are specially designed for special functions or purposes.

Foldable Dining Tables

Foldable Dining Tables are tables that have been designed to be easily transportable for outdoor trips to reduce the number of items you need to carry with you. It is a table that can be unfolded and used anywhere or anytime even if there is nowhere for people to sit down. They are primarily used for dining, and it is designed in a way that the tabletop can be collapsed. These types of tables are commonly used for outdoor activities such as camping or picnics to provide people with places where they can sit down and eat at any time without needing chairs or benches available.

Foldable Cooking Tables

A foldable cooking table is a portable table that's very easy to move around, yet sturdy enough for people to cook on. They are also called folding tables, camping tables, or picnic tables.

Kitchen tables need to be very strong and sturdy and keep cooking equipment such as grills safely on top. They usually also feature large wardrobe spaces for kitchenware storage. Some folding cooking tables can hold glasses, cutlery, pots & pans, and can carry drying racks under the base.

Foldable Accessory Tables

A foldable accessory table is a portable table that's very easy to move around, yet sturdy enough for people to do things at. The primary function of a camping foldable accessory table is storage space. These types of tables are mostly bigger but more lightweight compared to dining and cooking tables. They feature many storage compartments to safely store any extra camping equipment.

How to Use a Camper Table?

Most camping tables come with instructions and are very easy to set up.

If you are using a common version;

  • Firstly, lay out the table on a flat surface and make sure all four of its legs are straightened out so it is perfectly even.
  • Then carefully unfold each leg to its fullest extent until you hear or feel them click into place - this means they have locked securely in position.
  • To fold it back up again, simply do the same in reverse; start by folding each leg down (making sure to lock them into place) until you feel or hear a click.
  • There's nothing left for you to do now but enjoy your meal!
  • Always make sure that when using camping tables outdoors – they are placed on a flat surface so they won't tip or wiggle when you are trying to eat off it.

Camping tables have many uses, making them a very practical item for your car journeys and outdoor adventures with family & friends!

Some tables come with adjustable heights but most will serve your needs.


Folding tables for your RV, VAN, caravan, or any kind of camping trip are used by campers to store any extra camping equipment. The best folding table will vary according to your circumstance, but it's important that the model is sturdy enough and can be folded up when not in use or collapsed down. To avoid buying a heavy product, look for aluminum models. They are light, durable, and can withstand heat. Consider the weight of your table before buying it too, as well as ease of setup.

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